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JB Watts Co.


"The strength of J.B. Watts Co. is its customer focused local service and local knowledge, combined with its strong relationships with national and international insurance providers. Add to this its principles and integrity, and you have a firm which you can have complete confidence."

Hayne Hipp

"J.B. Watts Co. has been our provider of business insurance for over 27 years. JB Watts, Bubba Watts and their entire staff are the finest vendor that Papercutters Inc. has ever worked with. J.B & Bubba have always been attentive to our every need; They review our programs annually and consistently bring new and helpful information to the table. They have been instrumental in helping us lower our loss rates with regards to Workers Comp coverage. We trust J.B. Watts Co. implicitly. We have had calls throughout the years from those wanting to quote our business and I continually tell them that no company can replace J.B. Watts Co. They always speak highly of J.B. Watts Co. and envy the strong loyality that exists between our two companies. They are friends,counselors and always sources of the best advice in all situations. I speak for all of our employees."

Randy Mathena- President, Papercutters Inc.

"I believe that an ultimate factor in the success of a business is the ability to develop long-term relationships with solid professionals providing the best in needed services. J.B. Watts Co. has met our needs in every area of insurance for over 20 years in such an outstanding way that I simply sleep better at night."

Ray Schroeder- President, Interim Healthcare

"Gossett Concrete Pipe Company is proud to recommend J.B. Watts Co., Inc. J.B., Bubba and the entire staff have far exceeded our expectations as our insurance provider. They have shown unequalled professionalism, attention to detail and timely response as they are needed. They have played a major role in our business planning as we have expanded and grown, focusing on cost savings and efficiency that have directly resulted in a safer work environment. Thanks again to J.B. Watts Co. for all of their support!"

A.C. Gossett III- President, Gossett Concrete Pipe Co.

Give us a call today at 864-271-0009, or email us, to find out how we can start saving you money and headaches.